Monday, February 22, 2010

Off The Topic

 An AA lady in my home AlAnon group is a character.  When sharing, she is always interjecting the AA promises, referring us to pages in the BB, and such.  The RULES are a person is not supposed to quote non conference approved AlAnon literature at the tables.

Some AlAnons are very rule conscious (as I learned the hard way).  Depending on the table, some leaders cut the AA lady off when she starts quoting the BB.  If I'm leading the table,  I let it go.

Fellow AlAnons, please don't point out to me the importance of following the rules. The lady brings humor, and frankly that is sometimes lacking in AlAnon meetings. Anyway, it's my meeting, not yours:)

She always has some good AA slogans I've never heard before. Yesterday, on the topic of fear she  shouted out :


F**k everything and run... OR.... Face everything and recover."


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