Thursday, February 25, 2010


I cannot handle whining blogs.  I'm appalled when your blog is all bitching about your family members (or friends or co workers), and then you post indignantly when they find your blog and call you on it.  

I'm on a roll...

if you got clean and sober your first attempt, it was by the grace of God, not because you hold some smug, secret will power others don't possess.

I feel a special bond with the blogs I read (and comment).  They are genuine, even if I don't always agree.

What about the awesome people who comment here? You are civil, empathetic, and I swear--psychic. You have the right words.  You have taught me to be less of a sarcastic steam roller (OK, that's a work in progress).

Andrew is ensconced in yet another institution. It bothers me, the resources spent on him, but I know a junky running amok costs society much more. He stopped himself,  he saw where it was going and made a conscious decision not to go there. 

It's a good day.

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