Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yesterday's post reminded me when smoking was a rite of passage. I bought my first pack of Marlboro Reds in the box at age 13. They cost 21 cents at the base exchange (my dad was in the Army). No one questioned a 13 year old buying cigarettes. If they did, no problem, there were cigarettte machines everywhere!

I hated Winstons. If I ran out of Marlboros, I wouldn't smoke a friend's Winston. Kind of like diet Coke and diet Pepsi.

My husband started smoking at 13 also, and smoked Kools for 30 years. He used to fire up one of those suckers before he got out of bed every morning. I hated Kools. If I ran out, I would never smoke a Kool, but if he ran out he would smoke my Marlboros. One time he smoked my last one, and I was furious.

I also hated Lucky Strikes, Tareytons, Camels, Viceroys, Newports, Pall Malls, and Benson & Hedges (blech!). I would go without rather than smoke those. In retrospect, I was a cigarette snob.

In my 30's, I decided Vantage cigarettes (Rich Taste, Low Tar!) would be a healthier choice. You had to really suck on those with their weird filter thingy.

At 38, I quit cold turkey, I was tired of it. I had smoked a pack a day for 25 years without even realizing it.

It took a few years to get my lung capacity back, but after awhile I was running half marathons, then marathons. I'm trying to find a moral in that, but I can't.

How many years did you smoke?


  1. started at 13 with pallmall, left at a construction site down the street. moved quickly to marlboro reds. changed to generics when they got too expensive!! still smoking. damn. 2 packs a day. so....55-13 is alot of f'ing years.

  2. I started at 16, stealing my parent's cigarettes every so often. I smoked Benson & Hendges for years. I quit in 86. Did not smoke till 91. Met a new boyfriend, he smoked and I smoked within a few months (Salem Lights, then Basic Lights). When my first grandson was born in 2004, I quit 3 months after that. I have never looked back. Can't stand cigarettes now. The smell makes me sick.

  3. I was 13 as well. Marlboro reds (in the box please!). Graduated to menthol with kools then newports.
    I quit at the ripe old age of 23, after my husband had quit for a week because I didn't like to smoke alone. He was the one with the REAL willpower, quitting while I continued.
    Im now 51 and sometimes want one, once I smell it.

  4. I started at 13 and I stole my moms cigarettes "marlboros". I used to just puff the smoke and blow it out but then one day I inhaled and I literally turned GREEN and puked. That didn't stop me at all I'm still smoking today just a different brand NEWPORTS thge bad thing is I have asthma I'm trying to quit now I am up to 3 cigarettes aday sometimes more or less. I do need help though. Hopefully with a lot of determination I will get through this nasty habit, I am a recovering addict clean since may 17th 2007 soon 4 years clean. I been through way worst so I know I can do it.