Thursday, March 4, 2010

Changing Course

A friend told me my writing here had changed, that when I started blogging I was "all over the place".

I do remember being all over the place. Today I have faith everything will be alright. No matter what happens, I have a place of serenity; I know how to find support and comfort. Mostly, I can mind my own business.

I'm not writing a book, nor do I harbor illusions of being an author. I ignore the emails asking me to endorse products or websites. This was, and is, my sorting out place.

I'm thinking lately about how much information I put out about Andrew.  Addicts and alcoholics face an uphill battle for a long time.  Having his every move interpreted through me no longer seems right.  I'm going to leave him to his life; it feels like time to move on.

 AlAnon tells me I only have to deal with my feelings today, so there is no urgency in making up my mind.

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