Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Grateful

I remember a blogger game "where I blog".  This is my room, with my wedding anniversary roses on top. We got cards from Andrew and our daughter. It was a special week end.

Not your ordinary gratitude:

1) the love of Andrew's life is locked up till Nov, 2011
2) my daughter picked up, even though she saw it was me calling
3) our cat hasn't scratch me today (yet)
4) I didn't hit publish on three different comments I left on posts
5) I don't have to wonder if I made three different people mad
6) 33 years of marriage is like James Taylor's "you've got a friend" 
7) My lunch today is The Dad's excellent left over bruschetta 
8) Two words:  renewed intimacy....:)

 Where do you blog?


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